Welcome and hello!  We are excited to host your group or invite you as a spectator to one of the many events held at the Payne County Expo Center.

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“We celebrate Payne County by being the high performance facility that creates an atmosphere of success and exceeds expectations by providing outstanding service.”

What we do:

The Expo Center is the site for a variety of community, county, state, and national events that include fairs, trade shows, family reunions, corporate meetings, conferences, banquets, educational programs, and regional and national livestock sales and shows.

The Payne County Administration Building is located at 315 W 6th Ave on the south-east corner of 6th Ave and Duck St. The offices held within the Administration Building are the Commissioner’s Office (Suite 203), the OSU Extension Office (Suite 103), the Election Board (Suite 207), the Assessor’s Office (Suite 102), the Treasurer’s Office (Suite 101), and the County Clerk’s Office (Suite 202).

One block east of the Administration Building you will find the Payne County Courthouse with an address of 606 S. Husband St.

Whatever the event, our friendly staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of your event, offering superb facilities and specialized set-up.

Upcoming Events